Source code for plantpredict.inverter

import requests

from plantpredict.plant_predict_entity import PlantPredictEntity
from plantpredict.error_handlers import handle_refused_connection, handle_error_response
from plantpredict.enumerations import EntityTypeEnum

[docs]class Inverter(PlantPredictEntity): """ """
[docs] def create(self): """POST /Inverter""" self.create_url_suffix = "/Inverter" return super(Inverter, self).create()
[docs] def delete(self): """DELETE /Inverter/{Id}""" self.delete_url_suffix = "/Inverter/{}".format( return super(Inverter, self).delete()
[docs] def get(self): """GET /Inverter/{Id}""" self.get_url_suffix = "/Inverter/{}".format( return super(Inverter, self).get()
[docs] def update(self): """PUT /Inverter""" self.update_url_suffix = "/Inverter".format( return super(Inverter, self).update()
@handle_refused_connection @handle_error_response def change_status(self, new_status, note=""): """ :param new_status: :param note: :return: """ return url=self.api.base_url + "/Inverter/Status", headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + self.api.access_token}, json=[{ "name":, "id":, "type": EntityTypeEnum.INVERTER, "status": new_status, "note": note }] ) @handle_refused_connection @handle_error_response def get_kva(self, elevation, temperature, use_cooling_temp): """ Uses the given elevation and temperature to interpolate a kVa rating from the inverter's kVa curves. :param float elevation: Elevation at which to evaluate the inverter kVa rating - units :py:data:`[m]`. :param float temperature: Temperature at which to evaluate the inverter kVa rating - units :py:data:`[deg-C]`. :param bool use_cooling_temp: Determines if the calculation should use the plant design cooling temperature ( at 99.6 degrees). :return: # TODO after new API response is implemented """ return requests.get( url=self.api.base_url + "/Inverter/{}/kVa".format(, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + self.api.access_token}, params={"elevation": elevation, "temperature": temperature, "useCoolingTemp": use_cooling_temp} )